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National Novel Writing Month: Day 7

Today went to outlining and character building without significant word count. (I’ll just tally it in tomorrow.) The main thing that today signifies for the project is the end of the time period this month when my time is divided in an impossible number of directions. Things should look up now. I’m actually too tired to feel properly discouraged by having a dud day. Woohoo?

National Novel Writing Month: Day 6

Took a bit of a beating on word count with just 745. Mama always said there’d be days like this. My nemesis is two thousand words ahead of me now. Should I quit? It would be pretty nice to sip mai tais on a tropical beach somewhere, but no. No!

National Novel Writing Month: Day 5

It continues to amaze me how possible this is. Interesting day as I spent two hours in the morning putting finishing touches on a 350-word children’s book that is almost like a poem with all the requirements to keep it on level for the publisher. This was somewhere between final drafting and copyediting my own work. Then I turned around, put on my NaNoWriMo goggles, and busted out 2,662 words in 4.5 hours. It helps that I have a nemesis now, from Detroit. This is an officially assigned, HQ-sanctioned nemesis whose progress I can track against mine with this widget:

National Novel Writing Month: Day 4

Falling a little behind with just shy of 1,000 words today. I did come up with a great new setting that I’m excited about, and I made enough progress with the story to feel pretty good. But I think going to bed late last night had an impact on today, and I’ll be better served to rest up, hit the novel first thing in the morning. I’ll need to get about 2500 words in tomorrow to catch up, but I don’t have a ton else planned, so I can do it. I’ll do this Stephen King style: nothing else gets done tomorrow before my writing.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 3

I knew today would be a challenge because I had to mind the store for my main corporate client and also my good friend came to visit. So I’m pretty happy with the total of 1082 new words, especially happy that I wrote all those in 1.25 hours. This friend, bless her heart, is also a writer, and she was sharing some thoughts with me about getting into “the flow state” when one writes fast enough. In fact, I did sense that I was getting a lock on the narrative distance for this project for the first time tonight.