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National Novel Writing Month: Day 8

This is good. I made it past 10K on the project today and totaled 1,084 words in about four hours. I had to conceive some new scenes, settings, and characters, so it took longer. The novel’s aesthetic is starting to click. There will be more humor in this than I had originally thought—but that’s all I’ll say! I’m completely superstitious about secrecy powering story creation. I do see why I wasn’t ready to go for the high fantasy novel just yet, though. I mean, the epic fantasy author has to create positively everything. The architecture, the cuisine, the geography, oh and maybe a few languages, plus the usual characters, plot, conflict, setting, and style. It’s insane that I actually feel like I’m cheating by using real places and only changing the historical timeline a little bit for my urban fantasy. Instead of a sexy muse, I’ve got Tolkien sitting on my shoulder chiding me: “Where is your cosmology? Slacker!” How did this happen?