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National Novel Writing Month: Day 5

It continues to amaze me how possible this is. Interesting day as I spent two hours in the morning putting finishing touches on a 350-word children’s book that is almost like a poem with all the requirements to keep it on level for the publisher. This was somewhere between final drafting and copyediting my own work. Then I turned around, put on my NaNoWriMo goggles, and busted out 2,662 words in 4.5 hours. It helps that I have a nemesis now, from Detroit. This is an officially assigned, HQ-sanctioned nemesis whose progress I can track against mine with this widget:

Next week, my schedule should thin out a bit, which will make it easier to do some more world-building and outlining as I go. A lot of the specifics of this book may change, but it can be hard for me as an editor to get past that awful phase where I know that everything needs a lot of work. NaNo is proving a very effective way to do so.