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National Novel Writing Month: Day 17

Got in about 1,200 words in a couple of hours. That’s all the time I have today. I’ll make the rest up this weekend. Again, I leaned on the support system that NaNo provides. At such time as I have a teensy bit of extra cash, I will be donating some to the cause. It’s awesome and I want it in my life all the time. For the writing, I took the story to a scene that I thought was going to be in a warehouse, but then I decided I had too many similar settings so I took it outside. This ends up being a significant switch, changing the feel of everything.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 16

Somebody crossed the halfway mark tonight with 25,541 words. Happy writer dance time! Woohoooo! The number of words in my to-be-written column is actually smaller than the number in my already-written column. That is so weird. Of course, now that this is feeling so very possible, I would like to up my game a bit. There are so many, so very many craft tools that I learned at the Odyssey Workshop this summer. Some of them could be employed immediately.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 15

I’m at 23,597, which means that tomorrow I should hit the midpoint. I’m going to go ahead and rejoice when I earn my badge for 25K. NaNo is not an easy challenge, but all the support that’s in place really does make a big difference. Today I had an okay morning with 350 words in a half hour. Then I spent an hour or so in the evening researching something that didn’t lead to any tidy conclusion. This left me frustrated, and I had absolutely no taste for the work left before me, another 1650 words starting at 11:00 p.m. It occurred to me that I might just go to bed.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 14

A strange calm descended this evening after a rocky start. It didn’t help that the management company for the complex where I live failed to pay the water bill for the whole building, so we were all stuck without running water for the afternoon. During this phase of the day, my partner and I left for a few hours of writing and got some dinner. It amazes me how quickly inertia can begin to set in, creating resistance. Once I got past the “thinking about needing to write” phase, my brain started to loosen up, and I got a pretty interesting couple of scenes written.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 13

Somehow, it took four hours to write 1570 words today. I may have been thinking too much, or maybe I just hit one of those places where it became necessary to pontificate. I keep running into things like, Oh she has way too many handy things in her backpack to deal with this [evil creature]. I’m going to have to fix that later. I would really, really like to fix it now. Because I’m an editor, damn it. I fix stuff like that for a living! But this is NaNo.