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National Novel Writing Month: Day 16

Somebody crossed the halfway mark tonight with 25,541 words. Happy writer dance time! Woohoooo! The number of words in my to-be-written column is actually smaller than the number in my already-written column. That is so weird. Of course, now that this is feeling so very possible, I would like to up my game a bit. There are so many, so very many craft tools that I learned at the Odyssey Workshop this summer. Some of them could be employed immediately. I could save time in the long run if I think about certain things now, like how a particular scene is moving the story and character arc forward. That can be hard as a plantster since some of the stuff in a scene will just come to me, but I’ve learned I need to keep a balance. Spontaneity can be a function of anxiety sometimes, if I’ve lost sight of what the real source of tension was in a given scene. But you know what? I’m going to worry about that tomorrow. For tonight, happy writer dance party! Woot woot!