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National Novel Writing Month: Day 26

Spent an hour on outlining today in an effort to keep this project on the rails. I think I’ve probably got too many elements for a single novel, but that is a fixable problem. I’m also starting to wonder if I’ve got the right perspective for the story. It’s possible that first person might serve it better than third. The urban fantasies on my shelf show a strong precedent for first person. That perspective might also help provide the extra something that this draft lacks in terms of voice. My back story, written as diary entries, feels more intimate.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 25

Today shall go down as the day Erin passed her nemesis, Baxter, after twenty-four days of trailing his speedy tail. Yeah! Let’s hear it for the racing snail! Of course, knowing him he’ll probably post 5,000 words tomorrow, but that’s beyond my control. I’ll just savor this little moment here. Tonight’s writing ended up being 1,600 words all in a single scene, so it was like hitting a nice straightaway. This is good since the juggling of obligations to keep up is beginning to feel difficult.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 24

One of my goals for this two-week period is to get a scene-by-scene outline of what I’ve written and where the rest is headed, so I spent some time on that today. The rest of my four hours was spend doing sprints and watching snippets of Star Wars with my family when I was on break. Maybe not the most efficient way to go, but I actually get a lot out of seeing how those movies unfold (this was Episodes VI and VII). It helps me evict the demons from my head. So I got 1303 words in, and now, at last, sleep.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 23

I passed 40,000 words! YES! With tonight’s push to 40,104, I also connected two major plot points. That means I’ll get to skip ahead after this. My official nemesis from Detroit, Baxter, has also reached 40K. He and I are neck and neck. Although he’s still ahead, I’ve been steadily closing the gap and am as of this moment merely 116 words behind. I’m afraid he’s becoming more of a friemesis, since we have exchanged a couple of emails that contained a lot more encouragement than smack talking. Ah well. As the great Kurt Vonnegut would say: so it goes.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 22

I listened to The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer on the drive to my family’s house. It inspired me with the intensely personal quality of the narrative. An earlier draft of this novel was done all in diary entries, and I’ve been writing some of those in this draft, too. But sometimes when I’m thinking about what my plot is going to look like, the prose gets flattened because everything in it is about where the story is going horizontally. Jennifer Lynch reminded me to bring the confessional fire to these journal entries. It was very helpful. I remain on track with 37,829 words total.