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National Novel Writing Month: Day 9

I spent three hours writing today, but most of it went to world building and plotting. I actually spent the last 45 minutes adding new words only to have Scrivener report that my total word count has gone down since yesterday. #!?*! Not sure what’s up with that, but it has been that kind of day, really. I’m hanging it up for the night rather than push through because I have a writing date with a buddy from the Odyssey Workshop in the morning. We’ll be cranking out some words, and I get to stop behaving like a hothouse flower and go outside! Woohoo! Honestly, though, I didn’t feel great physically today. I need to find that good sustainable pace. And although word count is sagging, I’ve got to keep plotting as I go. I tried pantsing a novel several years ago, and it just ended up being a big slushy pile of interesting ideas mixed with fantasy strudel. Today I found out such fun things as what do your antagonists really want? And how much of that does your protagonist currently know about? It’s pretty hard to get very far in a novel without figuring out such details.