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Have you ever wondered when to put a comma between two adjectives that fall before a noun? About five years ago, I started to brood over the commas-and-adjectives issue. Growing up, I learned that you always add a comma, but to my ear, that often seemed wrong. Was the rule on its way out of style completely, as I’d heard rumored? Yet, I still felt a pause between adjectives when I said phrases like, “It was a beautiful, seductive lie.” Didn’t a comma belong there?

National Geographic Bioblitz and Poetic Inventory of Saguaro National Park

It was my joy and honor to participate in the Poetic Inventory of Saguaro National Park Project this October. Wendy Burk and Eric Magraine, both poets and naturalists, put this project together in conjunction with the National Geographic Bioblitz, an event celebrating biodiversity at Saguaro National Park. One park a year is chosen to host this national event. This year, Tucson got the honor, and thousands of people enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna in our desert habitat.

My Second Guest Reading for Tucson, The Novel: An Experiment in Literature and Civil Discourse

Lately, I’ve been helping out my friend and editor Shannon Cain with her performance art project, Tucson The Novel: An Experiment in Literature and Civil Discourse. The experiment entails serializing her novel during the weekly Tucson Mayor and City Council Meetings’ public comment period. She gets three minutes a week to speak. Yes, it’s going to take years. When Shannon can’t make it, I have sometimes had the honor of filling in for her.

"Touched" Published in Soundzine

A collaborative project based on my poem “Touched,” about my first and only meeting with my maternal grandfather, has been published in Soundzine! This poem tells how I entered the world just as my Irish grandfather was dying of cancer. We were in the same hospital, and the nurse brought me down to meet him as soon as I was born. He went into a coma that night and passed on three days later.

Writing by Hand

I have maintained a handwritten journal for as long as I can remember, and I often write first drafts by hand. Like most writers, I revise and sometimes compose onscreen. From time to time I wonder, how does my writing process affect the work?