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Great Online Learning Resource for Kids

Many parents are homeschooling their kids these days and looking for online reading options so they can reduce their family’s exposure to COVID-19. I want to let folks know about Learning A–Z, which publishes books and resources targeted at specific reading levels K-6. As a writer of more than a dozen of their resources and copyeditor for many more, I’m familiar with the high editorial standards and production value of these materials. They emphasize crisp writing and beautiful illustrations procured from publishing and education industry pros. Many of the leveled books have associated lesson plans and activities you can download.

There’s a lot to choose from with thousands of books and passages available to subscribers. This list of resources I’ve authored, sorted by grade level, can help you get started. A fourteen-day subscription to RAZ Plus is available for free if you’d like to check them out.

Grades 1-2
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
The Heart of a Monkey
The Pincoya’s Dance
A Frog Prince

Grade 3
Pinocchio, part 1
Pinocchio, part 2
Pinocchio, part 3
Monster Town
The Swallow’s Song

Grade 5
The Martian Connection
The Haunted Corn Maze
Snow White and Rose Red

Grade 6
The Black Dog
The Intersection