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National Novel Writing Month: Day 14

A strange calm descended this evening after a rocky start. It didn’t help that the management company for the complex where I live failed to pay the water bill for the whole building, so we were all stuck without running water for the afternoon. During this phase of the day, my partner and I left for a few hours of writing and got some dinner. It amazes me how quickly inertia can begin to set in, creating resistance. Once I got past the “thinking about needing to write” phase, my brain started to loosen up, and I got a pretty interesting couple of scenes written. Since inertia seems to be such a big demon for me, I might start waking up and going for at least 500 words before I do anything else in the mornings. That way, even when I switch over to work on day job stuff, my subconscious will have already received the day’s problem set. Will try this mañana. Today’s total was just under 2,000 words. I’m at 21,783 overall.