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National Novel Writing Month: Day 13

Somehow, it took four hours to write 1570 words today. I may have been thinking too much, or maybe I just hit one of those places where it became necessary to pontificate. I keep running into things like, Oh she has way too many handy things in her backpack to help her deal with this [evil creature]. I’m going to have to fix that later. I would really, really like to fix it now. Because I’m an editor, damn it. I fix stuff like that for a living! But this is NaNo. There is no editing in NaNo! I’ve already done a little, and it was like climbing up the side of a volcano in Guatemala. (You thought I was going to say Mordor, didn’t you? But I nearly fell into a Guatemalan volcano once—true story.) It was two steps forward up the ashy slope, one step back. So now I don’t edit. I just keep writing. I use brackets. I admit that I am mortal. I have meltdowns. I write some more. Just another day of NaNoWriMo.

susanedits (not verified) said:

If I could write 1,570 words of fiction in four hours, it would be a miracle. This is just one reason I don’t write fiction. You’re doing great! Keep going! :)