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National Novel Writing Month: Day 3

I knew today would be a challenge because I had to mind the store for my main corporate client and also my good friend came to visit. So I’m pretty happy with the total of 1082 new words, especially happy that I wrote all those in 1.25 hours. This friend, bless her heart, is also a writer, and she was sharing some thoughts with me about getting into “the flow state” when one writes fast enough. In fact, I did sense that I was getting a lock on the narrative distance for this project for the first time tonight. My main character’s perspective is easy for me to slip into since I did an entire novella’s worth of diary entries in her voice a couple years ago. I’ve also spent some time identifying her inner issue that the plot will pressurize. I doubt this flow state would be as effective without the prep behind it. Hooray for all the cross-training that has led to this point.