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"The Barn" Published in Praxis: Gender and Cultural Critiques

My short story “The Barn” appears in the current issue of Praxis: Gender and Cultural Critiques (formerly Phoebe: Gender and Cultural Critiques). In this story, George Gilbert, an old widower, resists his African American daughter-in-law’s offer to save his farm from foreclosure because he fears she will one day own the place. Still grieving for his murdered son, George is caught between allegiance to his late wife and a desire to release the prejudice that has shaped his family’s past. A sample of the story is available in the Vale, with more coming soon. Read the full piece now in the current issue of Praxis (volume 23:1), published through the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at SUNY Oneonta. See the Praxis website for subscription information.

mikedude (not verified) said:

Yay! Loved that story!