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My Second Guest Reading for Tucson, The Novel: An Experiment in Literature and Civil Discourse

Lately, I’ve been helping out my friend and editor Shannon Cain with her performance art project, Tucson The Novel: An Experiment in Literature and Civil Discourse. The experiment entails serializing her novel during the weekly Tucson Mayor and City Council Meetings’ public comment period. She gets three minutes a week to speak. Yes, it’s going to take years. When Shannon can’t make it, I have sometimes had the honor of filling in for her.

"Touched" Published in Soundzine

A collaborative project based on my poem “Touched,” about my first and only meeting with my maternal grandfather, has been published in Soundzine! This poem tells how I entered the world just as my Irish grandfather was dying of cancer. We were in the same hospital, and the nurse brought me down to meet him as soon as I was born. He went into a coma that night and passed on three days later.

Writing by Hand

I have maintained a handwritten journal for as long as I can remember, and I often write first drafts by hand. Like most writers, I revise and sometimes compose onscreen. From time to time I wonder, how does my writing process affect the work?