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National Novel Writing Month: Day 10

Oh, if every day could be like this. Wake up, take a walk, write till you drop. I have made up a lot of lost momentum and also word count, although the weirdness persists with Scrivener giving me a different word count within the program than it does when I compile—this even though I have checked the box that says not to count any documents except those that will be compiled. But even by the more modest estimate, I wrote 2400 words today, this with some very un-Nano editing thrown in, where I actually edited out words that I wrote yesterday. (Yes, I know.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 9

I spent three hours writing today, but most of it went to world building and plotting. I actually spent the last 45 minutes adding new words only to have Scrivener report that my total word count has gone down since yesterday. #!?*! Not sure what’s up with that, but it has been that kind of day, really. I’m hanging it up for the night rather than push through because I have a writing date with a buddy from the Odyssey Workshop in the morning. We’ll be cranking out some words, and I get to stop behaving like a hothouse flower and go outside! Woohoo!

National Novel Writing Month: Day 8

This is good. I made it past 10K on the project today and totaled 1,084 words in about four hours. I had to conceive some new scenes, settings, and characters, so it took longer. The novel’s aesthetic is starting to click. There will be more humor in this than I had originally thought—but that’s all I’ll say! I’m completely superstitious about secrecy powering story creation. I do see why I wasn’t ready to go for the high fantasy novel just yet, though. I mean, the epic fantasy author has to create positively everything.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 7

Today went to outlining and character building without significant word count. (I’ll just tally it in tomorrow.) The main thing that today signifies for the project is the end of the time period this month when my time is divided in an impossible number of directions. Things should look up now. I’m actually too tired to feel properly discouraged by having a dud day. Woohoo?

National Novel Writing Month: Day 6

Took a bit of a beating on word count with just 745. Mama always said there’d be days like this. My nemesis is two thousand words ahead of me now. Should I quit? It would be pretty nice to sip mai tais on a tropical beach somewhere, but no. No!